For a list of my published research see my publications page. This page gives an overview of my active research.

Working papers and selected conference presentations

Wilson, B., Drefahl, S., Sasson, I., Henery, P. and Uggla, C. (2019) Regional trajectories in life expectancy and life-span variation: Persistent inequality in two Nordic welfare states, Stockholm Research Reports in Demography (working paper), Stockholm University, 2019:10 [paper]

Bijlsma, M.J. and Wilson, B. (2017) A new approach to understanding the socio-economic determinants of fertility over the life course, Joint working paper: Stockholm Research Reports in Demography, Stockholm University, 2017:08 [paper] and MPIDR Working Papers, Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research, WP-2017-013 [paper]

Wilson, B. and Sigle, W. (2014) A conceptual framework for migrant fertility, European Population Conference, Budapest, June 2014 [session and abstract]


The family formation of immigrants who arrived as children:

  • A three-year project funded by the Swedish Research Council (VR)
  • For more information, see my dedicated page on immigration and integration

In addition to this project, my active research covers three different research areas. Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss any of these.

The demographic outcomes of migration:

  • The demography of immigrants and their descendants (work with colleagues at Stockholm University Demography Unit)
  • Understanding the integration of refugees and asylum seekers in Europe (work with Dominik Hangartner)
  • Understanding the journeys of refugees and asylum seekers in Greece and their expectations on arrival (work with Dwan Kaoukji)
  • Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Informal Settlements in Italy (a project with Daria Mendola, Annalisa Busetta, and Valeria Cetorelli)
  • Selective migration and its impact on demographic events: Does migration disrupt the life course?

Life course demography: 

Demography, development, and reproductive health:

  • Interventions to improve reproductive health in Ethiopia and Bangladesh (a project with Paul Bouanchaud and BBC Media Action)
  • Evaluating the effect of policy changes on female genital mutilation in Africa (a project with Valeria Cetorelli, Ewa Batyra, and Ernestina Coast)
  • Understanding the fertility transition in Africa: A life course approach (a project with Moshi Herman)
  • Fertility, inequality, and the demographic transition