Immigration and integration

This page gives information about my ongoing project: The family formation of immigrants who arrive as children. This research is funded by the Swedish Research Council from 2018-2022. Please contact me with any questions or requests for further information.


This project studies three aspects of family formation that are determinants of immigrant welfare: partnership status, intermarriage, and the timing of parenthood. We focus on immigrants who arrived in Sweden as children, and our central question is whether their exposure to Swedish society – via age at migration or residential segregation – has an impact on their family formation. In addition, we will explore the links between societal exposure, family dynamics, and socio-economic integration. To do this, we will use longitudinal Swedish register data to study the lives of different types of immigrant, including unaccompanied children and the children of refugees.

Working papers:

Age at Arrival and the Integration Trajectories of Childhood Refugees (with Linna Marten, Moritz Marbach, Dominik Hangartner, and Jens Hainmueller); presented at Stockholm Sessions on Migration (November 2017); presented at Institut national d’études démographiques (January 2018)

Other activities:

The family formation of immigrants who arrive as children: Project overview, presented to the Department of Human Geography at Stockholm University (November 2017)