Over the last few years I have taught a range of substantive and methodological topics for courses that have been taken by undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as faculty members who attend my more advanced courses and summer schools.

Since I began working for the Department of Methodology at LSE, I have lectured and convened seminars for a range of different courses relating to demography, sociology, and methodology. This includes topics such as migration, survey research methods, and statistical analysis. I have also completed a postgraduate certificate of higher education (PGCE), which is a two year degree qualification focussing on teaching and learning in universities and research institutes.

A list of my recent teaching includes:

  • Lecturer, London School of Economics Summer School (ongoing):
    • Survey research methods: from design to analysis
    • Event history analysis
  • Lecturer, Stockholm University (ongoing):
    • Migration, ethnicity and integration
  • Fellow, London School of Economics (2014-2016):
    • Fundamentals of social science research design
    • Survey methodology
    • Causal inference for experimental and observational studies
    • Statistical analysis of survey data and the use of survey weights
    • Event history analysis
    • Introduction to quantitative analysis
    • Applied regression analysis
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant, London School of Economics (2011-2013):
    • Causal inference for experimental and observational studies
    • Survey methods
    • Assessing social progress
    • Applied regression analysis
    • Introduction to linear regression
    • Introduction to quantitative analysis
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant, Essex Summer School (2013):
    • Logit and probit models
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant, ICPSR Summer Program, Berkeley (2012 & 2013):
    • Causal inference for the social sciences

A full list of my teaching experience is included in my c.v.